Saturday, January 25, 2014

let's start the party!

hello guys. long time no see!! 
ahaha, we're so sorry because can't posting our activity every week. you know,we're sooo busssyy this week. our school had a birthday party for their student, included us. every class of our school have to wear the same costume so we had to preparing a lot of stuff.
every class had a different cosume. tkiki's class decide to wear a japanese costum so she was wear a white kimono with a simpe make up. i think she was like a samurai in woman version.
and there are some photo from our school party. 

the last photo was me and irma. as usual, we did the silly thing after "photo shoot". my class was wear a hawaii costume on school party. so i have to wear that blue hawaii skirt (which irma wear on her head). i don't really know what hawaii ( i mean people who live in hawaii) call it but it was so difficult to made that.
didn't like my class, irma's class is wear a 'baju tempo dulu' (idk, what's baju tempo dulu in english) but, i think irma's dress just like an india dress. 
sooo, that's all our story about school event party. see you next posting!! 

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Yeah i know its been, 3-4 months not updating or just give you more info but trust me i really want to post these photo, it just you know... well... school.... haha
Ok, actually i took the photos about 5-6 months ago and yet still no time to upload it and now i got the time!!!

We had so much fun at the time trying another clothes,another clothes lol. Did you know that beautiful girl who wear a cream-flower-dress? Yeah its Zey! my photographer, sometimes im just jealous with her curly hair like omg its so beautiful hahahaha. And the girl who wear that dress and vest? Shoutout to Irma, my another photographer! and yes she's great with her camera no lie.

As always, coming to my home and just do the shitty things include take a picture of me. But i've never thought that im gonna found this clothes. its just looked so classy hahaha
Are you ready?

Now.... can you find me?


Flowercrown by fratello shop, Unbranded vintage clothes, Homemade heels.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Where's neverland?

Hey there....
So maybe this is gonna be little boring or awkward. Because you know its my first writing on this blog. Too lazy to do some in the past.  Too excited to put the picture. And i’m gonna tell you about how i did this photoshoot with one of my best photographer. Irma! Actually i got 2 more friends to work on this but it seems like they’re too busy at the time so they didn’t coming. But really they’re good! There’s nisa and zuzu.
 Ok, enough for this. Just check it out!
It was Sunday morning. And really gotta do something productive. Happy face because it was the time for do photoshoot! Excited as hell. I’ve had prepare for this since the last night and got some clothes to wear on. So its about 9 o’clock am to meet with Irma.  But 3 hours earlier irma sent me message, she said that she couldn’t pick me up because of her  parents. Okay so i made a call to lala my twin i said come to my house at 8.30. Enjoying the morning till 8.15 lala left me for just stupid reason. She forgot to pick me up and now she hanging out with her friends. How cool?
Then i texted irma about this and we’re nearly depressed till decided to canceled photo session for today. I was pissed of and however i gotta find better plan to solve this problem. So i beg my uncle to pick me up and he said yes! What a luck.  But firstly, need to take some public transportation to reach a minimarket he doesn’t want to come to the house. ‘its quite far girl’ he said.
                Just rolling my eyes and BOOM! Touchdown minimarket and saw a black mettalic car,go inside and found my uncle there. We were going to Araya and took irma with me. She waited at Araya Mall. I was so happy to see her cute face with her camera. As we’re arrived  changed my clothes to black shirt with a lot of pearl i guess (cute to imagine hahaha), hotpans, also sneakers.  Actually on that day i brought at least 3 clothes. And what i’m going to posting is the last one.  Kind of pink wedding dress and flower crown for perfection. Let me tell you about this, i was so happy that i got this dress in my old wardrobe. Full of dust,and looks fantastic. It came from 90's and its fitted perfectly. Yes,It was really difficult to find a good place because we were on just one place and ain’t go nowhere. But guess what? After searching for bloody long time, me and irma found this place. It was like a green waving wallpaper. I didn’t know for real but just love it. Then i took some pictures there and here we go!

 Unbranded lace dress, flowercrown by fratello shop, vivienne westwood jelly shoes.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Confusing Animal

Can't believe it! It took a little convincing for this. Tired and sweat hahahahah! Enjoy guysss




Saturday, April 20, 2013

dream like a boss

so sorry for late update, 
by the way thanks for our visitor yang udah meninggalkan jejaknya, kalian sudah membuat kami jadi makin semangat buat terus posting lhoo.. tetep update ya sama blog kita \m/ 
Au revoir !